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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Recently i came across a great tool for doctors. This Website Apprentice doctor have come up with a really great tool to learn suturing easily.
With this tool you can learn how to stitch wounds  in a very easy manner. The equipments used in this tool are no toy, they are actual instruments, like Foreceps, needle holder etc. used in real suturing. It also comes with a 3 layer imitation of Normal skin.
The Apprentice doctor tool can be useful for a range of people in health care, like doctors, nurses, veterinary surgeons, medical students, interns, paramedical professionals etc. Its really easy to use. It comes with a CD-ROM for full techniques of suturing. Plus you get an added offer of instant download of e-book version of the course.
With this tool you can learn how to care for wounds, how to tie a number of surgical knots (6 practical projects), A variety of suturing techniques (13 practical projects), suturing instruments, how to neatly tie sutures and avoid ugly scars, how to properly line up a wound margins, how to elevate a wound when suturing and why that's important, how to treat wounds with full asepsis and therby reduce the chances of infection, how to prevent wound complications like wound dehiscence, wound opening, scar tissue etc. and also various case studies, suture games, video tools,some assessment modules and lots more..
The CD works in windows and Mac , and it comes with a 100% money back guarantee, if you feel this is not for you within 60 days of purchase and if you order now you get a never before special low price of only 59$ and you can also download the full ebook version of 'how to stitch wounds' for free.
You don't want to miss this attractive offer. So go for it now. click here.


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